Electronic Throttle Bodies

Electronic Throttle Bodies

Electronic Throttle Bodies


Features and Benefits

Precise Throttle Control Is Vital

No engine can achieve maximum performance and efficiency without precise throttle control. As the world's leading electronic throttle body manufacturer, our commitment to exacting quality is second to none.
Every Hitachi Astemo electronic throttle body delivers exceptional quality:
  • Each component is made from premium-grade raw materials
  • All dimensions and components are manufactured to tolerances that always meet or exceed OE requirements
  • Every individual part number is extensively tested for durability and consistent accuracy as part of the design process
  • Our durability testing exceeds typical operating conditions in every way - extreme temperatures, harsh shock and vibration, and exposure to typical (and not-so-typical) contaminants

The Hitachi Logo Is A Mark Of Excellence

No product wears the Hitachi logo until it has been carefully designed, precisely manufactured, and rigorously tested. When it's time to replace your electronic throttle body, Astemo quality is important:
  • Our electric motors facilitate quick and accurate throttle control from your vehicle's engine computer
  • As throttle control accuracy increases, engine efficiency improves and emissions are reduced
  • More responsive throttle control leads to better engine performance

World's Best Value With Extensive Applications

Our electronic throttle bodies are available for millions of vehicles in operation, both domestic and imported. And because we're the world leader in electronic throttle control manufacturing, we can offer better quality at an excellent price.
  • Every throttle body is Relearn Ready
  • Our electronic throttle bodies are never remanufactured and 100% new
  • All electronics are sealed to protect from contamination
  • Compact but powerful electric motors are lightweight and feature fast response times
  • Astemo electronic throttle bodies are available for most vehicles, including all major US domestic brands
Use our Part Finder below to find the Astemo electronic throttle body for your vehicle.

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