Air Flow Sensor

Air Flow Sensor

Air Flow Sensor

Features and Benefits

Optimum Air-Fuel Ratio Delivers Performance And Efficiency

Strong and efficient engine operation requires precise measurement of both the volume and density of the air entering the engine. An air flow (MAF) sensor is relied on to accurately measure and communicate air flow information to the engine control unit (ECU). And as the world's leading manufacturer of MAF sensors, you can count on every Hitachi Astemo air flow sensor to deliver precise results that will help your engine operate at maximum efficiency.
Every Hitachi Astemo Air Flow Sensor Carries On Our Tradition Of Excellence:
  • Our air flow sensor testing regimen exceeds typical operating conditions in every way - we test our products in extreme conditions to verify their accuracy, quality, and reliability
  • Each component in our MAF sensors is made from premium-grade raw materials
  • All dimensions and components are manufactured to tolerances that always meet or exceed OE requirements
  • Our strict manufacturing techniques include welding connections - not soldering - for increased dependability
  • Every individual part number is extensively tested for durability and consistent accuracy as part of the design and validation process
  • Our air flow sensors are designed with air passages that optimize air flow across the sensing elements for accurate readings, even in today's engines that utilize exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) systems that disturb air flow in the intake

The Hitachi Logo Is A Mark Of Quality

No product wears the Hitachi logo until it has been carefully designed, precisely manufactured, and rigorously tested. When it's time to replace your air flow sensor, Hitachi Astemo quality is what your vehicle needs:
  • Our air flow sensors are offered in analog, frequency, and ratiometric outputs
  • Our sensors feature an integrated (isolated) induction air temperature sensor for maximum accuracy
  • Advanced automated manufacturing methods create precision sensors with tight tolerances and high repeatability, ensuring superior durability and precise air measurement
  • Hitachi MAF sensors feature contaminant bypass ports (when applicable) that allow moisture and other impurities to exit the housing, reducing sensor contamination and increasing sensor accuracy and longevity
  • Hitachi Astemo air flow sensors are built to rigorous emissions regulatory standards, and our line covers both gas and diesel vehicles

World's Best Value With Extensive Applications

Our air flow sensors are available for millions of vehicles in operation, both domestic and imported. And because we're the world leader in MAF sensor manufacturing, we can offer better quality at an excellent price.
  • Hitachi is a Tier 1 OE supplier for air flow sensors
  • Performs like OE to ensure quality you can depend on, right out of the box
  • Our air flow sensors (MAFs) are 100% NEW- never remanufactured
  • These MAF sensors deliver exact air to fuel ratio to improve both drivability and performance consistency
  • Calibrated to each exact application for optimal engine efficiency
Use our Part Finder below to find the Hitachi Astemo air flow sensor for your vehicle.
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