Fuel Pump Control Units (FPC)

Fuel Pump Control Units (FPC)

Fuel Pump Control Units (FPC)

Features and Benefits

Precise Fuel Pressure For Optimum Performance

A fuel pump is the heart that moves fuel through lines within a vehicle, but the fuel pump control unit is crucial to how efficiently that fuel flows to optimize both fuel economy and vehicle performance. Hitachi Astemo premium quality fuel pump control units deliver the exact voltage required for accurate fuel pressure, based on the data received from the car's engine control unit (ECU). As a leading manufacturer of automotive parts, Hitachi Astemo fuel pumps control units ensure your engine gets the fuel it requires accurately and reliably. You can count on it.
Every Hitachi Astemo Fuel Pump Control Unit delivers exceptional quality:
  • All dimensions and components are manufactured to tolerances that always meet OE requirements
  • Every individual part number is extensively tested for durability and consistent accuracy as part of the design process
  • Our durability testing exceeds typical operating conditions in every way - extreme temperatures, harsh shock and vibration, and exposure to typical (and not-so-typical) contaminants

The Hitachi Logo Is A Mark Of Excellence

No product wears the Hitachi logo until it has been carefully designed, precisely manufactured, and rigorously tested. When it's time to replace your vehicle's fuel pump control unit, Astemo quality is important:
  • Designed and engineered for specific vehicles - exact fit part
  • Our premium fuel pump control units signal accurate fuel temperature and pressure rates to match the engine's operating situation
  • These high-quality fuel pump control units are designed to provides years of reliable operation

World's Best Value With Extensive Applications

Our aftermarket fuel pump control units are available for millions of vehicles in operation, both domestic and imported. And because we're a world leader in auto parts manufacturing, we can offer better quality at an excellent price.
  • Every fuel pump control unit is precision engineered to control the voltage going to your fuel pump, ensuring optimal fuel pressure
  • All fuel pump control units are 100% new - never remanufactured
  • Each fuel pump control unit performs like OE, reliable quality right out of the box
  • All fuel pump control units reduce fuel system noise and power consumption
  • Astemo fuel pump control units are available for most vehicles
Use our Part Finder below to find the Hitachi Astemo fuel pump control unit for your vehicle.
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