Tokico Shocks

Tokico Shocks

Tokico Shocks


Features and Benefits

Shock absorbers are an integral part of your vehicles handling

Hitachi Astemo's Tokico shocks, struts, and coilovers are designed and tested to control the vehicle's weight, while providing the smooth handling in various road conditions. The shock, struts, and coilovers consist of a piston attached to a hardened, chrome plated, and micro-polished piston rod for smooth operation in a sealed tube filled with gas and/or liquid. When the vehicle hits a bump, the shocks, struts, or coilovers are meant to allow the wheels to absorb the bump and recover while keeping your wheels in constant contact with the road. A rebound stopper, made of a high quality synthetic rubber, or resin, is installed on the piston rod to act as the rebound stop. As a leading manufacturer of automotive parts, Hitachi Astemo's Tokico shock, struts, and coilovers provide superior handling, stability, ride quality, and the longevity making them the premium choice.
Every Hitachi Astemo Shock Absorber Carries On Our Tradition Of Excellence:
  • Our shock, struts, and coilovers testing regimen exceeds typical operating conditions - we test our products in extreme conditions to verify their accuracy, quality, and reliability
  • All dimensions and components are manufactured to tight tolerances that meet the exact needs of your vehicle
  • Every individual part number is extensively tested for durability and consistent accuracy as part of the design and validation process
  • Absorber oil with constant viscosity, blended with chemical additives provide optimum operating performance keeping its efficiency, in any weather conditions
  • Unique automatic control rebound disc valve, which automatically adjusts to all ride conditions, is designed to assure maximum performance and smooth ride control

The Hitachi Logo Is A Mark Of Quality

No product wears the Hitachi logo until it has been carefully designed, precisely manufactured, and rigorously tested. When it's time to replace your shock, struts, or coilovers, Hitachi Astemo quality is what your vehicle needs:
  • Advanced manufacturing methods create precision struts with tight tolerances and high repeatability
  • Oil seal is made of oil and wear-resistant high quality synthetic rubber, having high sealing efficiency to keep vital oil and gas in and dirt out of the cylinder
  • Full clamped deflection disk type valves on piston and bottom valves for the minimizing noise potential

World's Best Value With Extensive Applications

Our struts are available for both domestic and imported vehicles. And because we're a world leader in automotive parts manufacturing, we can offer better quality at an excellent price.
  • Hitachi Astemo is a Tier 1 OE supplier for suspension components
  • Our shock, struts, and coilovers are 100% NEW- never remanufactured
  • Performs like OE to ensure quality you can depend on, right out of the box
  • Available for both non-gas and gas pressurized applications
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