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About the Brand

NISSIN has delivered care and safety to customers through their brake products since its foundation in 1953 as Nissin Kogyo Co., Ltd. The company’s years of racing activities have been taken advantage of, and reflected in aftermarket products. Their motorcycle brake products in particular have afforded excellent performance to customers. They joined ASTEMO as a member in January 2021, but the brake products will be carried over under the NISSIN brand.

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About the Products


HRC NSF250 Package
For NSF250R, a set of calipers, master cylinders, pads, and disks guarantee the best performance.
・4pot Radial Caliper
・Radial Master Cylinder​​
・Racing Brake Pad​
・Racing Brake Disc​
・Racing Brake Fluid - Racing α -

Racing pads for HONDA CBR250RR and YAMAHA YZF-R25
・Racing Brake Pad(Racing Brake Pad P/N:RSP-615JPH/P/N:RSP-615JPY)


・Highest-level products based on a great collection of technologies of the NISSIN brand.
・The products prove excellent cost performance as a result of precision aluminium casting, and thus, are very suitable for customization.

Master Cylinder
The radial-type master cylinder leverages technologies used for supersport cars and flagship models all over the world.


Various brake pads
Master Cylinder Repair Parts
Caliper Repair Parts

racing caliper racing cylinder
racing brakepad caliper repair parts