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About the Brand

The SHOWA brand was established in 1938 by Showa Aircraft Precision Works Ltd. , a manufacturer for aircraft parts.Automobile damper production began in 1962, and motorcycle damper production started in 1955. The company’s years of racing activities have been taken advantage of and reflected on the aftermarket products and mass production of motorcycle suspension products that afford excellent performance, safety, care, and satisfaction to customers.They joined ASTEMO as a member in January 2021, but the suspension products will be carried over under the SHOWA brand.


About the Products


MX Suspension
Suspension Kit used in all the World motocross race
Introducing the latest technology of SHOWA. 


High performance series Kit for Kawasaki Z900RS
The balance free technology nurtured in the world’s premiere races is adopted.
Full adjustable structure (adjustable spring preload and damping force)
Fully machined axle holder
Can be installed as is on commercial motorcycles.

BFF Premium Upgrade Kit / BFRC-lite Premium Upgrade Kit for Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R
Designed with Balance-Free technology nurtured through world’s premier races.
Features Emerald Coating, SHOWA’s cutting edge technology.
Light weight by employing special total-machined axle holder, improved ease of replacing/disassembling SPG for maintenance, and a fully adjustable structure (spring preload adjustment, DF adjustment).


Repair Parts
Extensive part collection to respond to every need.​

SHOWA front fork SHOWA rear cushion
Showa front fork SHOWA repair parts